Tommy’s Back to Earth is a natural wood product coming from various local tree service contractors. This versatile product can be used for:

-Landscape or Garden Mulch

-Compost and Soil Amendment

-Playgrounds and Walkways

-Traction on Winter Walkways

Tommy’s Back to Earth – naturally aged mulch:

– Helps prevent weeds
– Helps conserve soil moisture
– Softens hard soil
– Provides nutrients
– Improves soil drainage
– Keeps plants warm in colder weather
– Free of construction debris

Spread a deep layer (10-12 inches) around new or established plants- keeping away from tree trunks and stems (approximately 3-6 inches).

Aged Mulch $5 per bag 50 Liter (2 cubic feet)

Aged Mulch $30 per Yard

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Transform your yard or garden into a natural and low maintenance space, where you can spend more of your time enjoying the fruits of your labor.